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The Conference of the Parties (COP 27) will take place in Egypt in November 2022 and represents a tipping point for leaders of all countries to tackle the climate crisis and lay the ground for global justice. We will demand to the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen the following actions:

  • Keep global warming under 1.5°C by achieving EU climate neutrality by 2040, accelerating the transition process towards the use of clean and renewable energies and stop financing fossil fuels;
  • Shift towards a socially and ecologically just well-being economy beyond GDP indicators, putting the interests of society and nature above those of corporations;
  • Protect climate change-induced migrants through a human rights-based migration policy and provide most vulnerable communities with financial and technical support;
  • Enable youth participation to integrate bottom-up views and vision into political decision-making by creating Youth Councils in the EU and Member States.

Why is this important?

We are facing one of the most turbulent decades in modern times. All signals tell us that the existing order is a long-term threat to humankind and the environment..

To ensure a future for everyone, the moment to call for systemic change and climate justice is now.

Climate change is the here and the now of 20 million people forced to leave their homes every year. Our current economic system, heavily based on fossil fuels and extractivist modes of production, is at the root of this environmental collapse and at the centre of present and future conflicts. We can’t separate these topics – they are intertwined and must be addressed together.

Policymakers must connect these dots and push for a just and sustainable future, a well-being economy and peace for all.

In this interconnected world, we have the power to be part of the change. Your signature is indispensable to make climate justice resounding at COP27. Let our voice be heard, let us show the future we want for our planet and for the people — a thriving future for everyone. All this can start with your signature, be the #ClimateOfChange!

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