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We address this joint program to all Members of European Parliament, and especially to environmentally and socially oriented candidates on the election for new European Parliament in Spring 2019.

Beside their own ideas they should bring among their colleagues, voters and in new working environment the knowledge and cognition that we drive the planet Earth toward the complete ecological disaster.


The appeal will be sent to all appropriate candidates and parties in all European countries. We encourage also all subscribers and citizens to demand from their candidates the cooperation at all debates and decisions regarding our environment, entire nature and social issues.

Please, sign the petition and show your interest in the future of the Earth and of your own (children).

You can READ AND DOWNLOAD THE JOINT PROGRAM and supporting information through the links in the continuation.

The parliamentarians and candidates should accept the joint environmental program at higher level of responsibility and activity, as the current international environmental negotiations are. They have to check the catastrophic environmental reality of the Earth and make their own responsible conclusions about worst-case scenarios for the future atmospheric greenhouse development and its consequences. They must clearly explain to the people that only the common actions, oriented to the most important issues and dangers for the planet can bring the results.

This proposed common part of all similar environmental programs will join the elected representatives to make determined steps along all possible paths to the most important future human task. This is conservation of the entire left nature and regeneration much of already destroyed environment to keep also the living conditions for the human.

Why is this important?

The developed countries have been doing many failures and crimes, which accumulated to the danger of the planet existence. To achieve the reparation of these failures, THIS JOINT PROGRAM DEMANDS:

· Research of vast methane emissions from Arctic regions and their influences to increasing of atmospheric greenhouse.
· The necessity of introducing contents and forms of non-violatable legislation.
· Equal consideration of all society virtues and non-monetary values in the system of exchange and trade.
· Equal distribution of rights, responsibilities and duties in the society and equalizing the role of capital with other society virtues.
· Consideration of robbing natural goods and destruction of environment and societies in the poor countries.
· Thoughtful usage of science and research results in the benefit of the entire nature and all societies.

Possibly the shortest PRESENTATION OF THE TRUTH:

· The warnings about climate changes are not swindle, but the official information about them is the manipulation with the entire humanity.
· In the past centuries and decades the carbon dioxide really represented the main factor at holding too much energy on the planet. But with surface warming several other processes have been triggered, which gain each of them the power of all other included processes.
· The natural methane emissions have in atmosphere their neutralization processes. But human emissions have already pushed them over the limits.
· Arctic methane, escaping increasingly from one place of the planet, shows the best nature destruction scenario of few decades and in the worst case still much earlier.

The elected parliamentarians of (ideally) all parties must bring this knowledge already at the start to their desks, into their proposals, and into every discussion and decision, connected with local and global environment and nature.

The joint program will enable larger support of the citizens to make something different on this world, to break the vicious cycle of only increasing wealth of few with unchanged robbing and killing the people majority, resources and the entire nature.

This petition will show the direct citizens' support to the cooperation at the most important present tasks of humanity. It will encourage the candidates for EU Parliament to accept these tasks, connect with other colleagues, bind and obligate to their voters to make every possible effort of saving the planet already in their own mandates. Our grandchildren will be grateful for no future delays and no avoidance of these tasks. In other case they might not be able even to hate…


Green Joint Program for European Parliament

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