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To submit the proposal for a Charter for Ecological Justice to the United Nations General Assembly to be considered for ratification.  The concept is fully explained in the paper 'Scientists Warning Proposes a Roadmap to Ecological Justice'.

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The Charter for Ecological Justice addresses the cultural causes of climate and ecological collapse.  It urges humanity to turn away from the ecologically damaging model of growth economics; and to embrace the aspiration of a global Wellbeing Economy which is being championed by the 'Beyond Growth' movement in Europe.  The Charter for Ecological Justice will serve as a global peace treaty, inspiring global collaboration and mutual aid on a level never before achieved by humanity. Humanity are currently operating at nearly twice the biocapacity of Earth, this is an unsafe situation for all of life on Earth.  This 5-minute animation explains the justification for the Charter and the concept https://youtu.be/yyEEJGoaLd4

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