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By signing this petition YOU call on the (future) Members of the European Parliament, European Commissioners, Member States' representatives, decision-makers, political candidates and parties from across Europe to commit to a truly equal, diverse and inclusive political agenda with women’s rights at the heart of it.

This campaign is run by European Women's Lobby


Sign to put pressure on the leaders of Europe to join us in (RE)shaping the Europe we want. We call for a 50:50 equal representation for women and men, for a Europe in which women can enjoy equal rights and where no woman or girl is left behind!

In our pledge, we ask the leaders of Europe to:

  • Stand for a world in which women can enjoy equal rights and full participation in every level of decision-making.
  • Commit to a real European democracy that assures equal representation for women and men.
  • Acknowledge that women & girls’ rights are fundamental human rights.
  • Affirm that the EU institutions have the power and responsibility to create meaningful change.

Why is this important?

Even though achieving equality between women and men is an official goal of the European Union and enshrined in its Treaties as a fundamental principle, gender equality has not been realised and women are still seriously under-represented in power and decision-making.

Europe as we know it is changing; the rise of populism and the far right are drastically changing the political landscape in recent years putting women’s rights under threat. Women and girls, representing half of the population, expect that Europe can make change. We need to (RE)shape our future together! The European elections in 2019 are a unique opportunity to do this!

Please sign & and share this pledge and join our campaign #WomenForEurope

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