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Representatives of small ethnic groups

This petition is organised by Aleksandr Gaponenko.

Petition text

The call comes as representatives of small ethnic groups, of which there are more than 15 percent in the EU and to the representatives of the great nations of Europe who are interested in the democratization and strengthening of its political structure

Small ethnic groups support the EU if it will be their to protect their rights. Now these rights are being violated by major European nations with which small ethnic groups living in some countries. It requires the creation of a second chamber of the European Parliament in which small ethnic groups have sent their representatives on an equal footing with the big European nations.

Why is this important?

Where the Catalans will come, when they come from the Spanish? Where Scots will come when they will come from the UK? In the European Union. It is necessary to immediately give them and other ethnic groups in the European Union, the rights which they want to achieve from the comfort of their states?

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