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Let them pay taxes, like the rest of us & even more so - they should pay alone what a conventional airline with all their transported people pay + a huge CO2-waste addition.

Why is this important?

Because, every time a billionaire orders lunch from Italy or flies daily alone around the globe instead of an online meeting e.g, or goes for a fun spacewalk, he creates more CO2 than some poor people in their whole lifetime!

It should be punished to destroy our planet for fun or convenience, not subsidized. We got enough airline connections that people can travel anywhere nearly anytime.

It´s a real shame that we need 400 private jets for a climate summit, which include many of the greatest environment sinners to talk about how to save it & exclude themselves from the solution.

President Biden alone produced 1000 Tons of CO2 to get there - cause he needs 3 planes & a tank to travel.

And many thanks to the Austrian environment minister who shows that you can get there with a train too.

The 10 hottest summers since 1780 where in the last 20 years, obviously we need bigger steps & saving some grams of CO2 by millions of people is not gonna cut it - especially if a few people could save millions of tons CO2.

Following through with this petition should be an immense win - for the states of the EU as well as the environment, for the people and the planet.

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