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This petition is run by French non profit organisation : MEZA

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Everyone agrees that Mark Zuckerberg and his Meta are a global danger! This danger is also much more serious than that of all the Gafams combined, etc!

On the contrary, our association Meza, a research, development and teaching laboratory, has been advocating and trying to mobilise, since 2007, for the creation of an open, free, universal, decentralised Web3D / MetaWeb, etc. Until now we have never been heard! Hardly listened to!

As early as 2014 we had already warned of the dangers when Mark Zuckerberg bought Occulus virtual reality masks and announced a 3D Facebook with a billion avatars simultaneously! Fortunately: "he screwed up! "But this time: "it could be the one!"

Mark Zuckerberg's announcements are already fanning the flames of follower envy! They are also stirring up competitors to prepare equally dangerous replicas!

But creating multiple planets from which to trade is also total heresy. It is also a heresy because, already to immerse oneself in 3D, it is not only an account, but also one's avatar etc., that one must recreate for each "planet"! Then there are the incompatibilities of file formats, etc!

Fighting against it is a solution, but it does not bring anything! The evolution of the Web into a 3D Web is in any case inevitable

The only solution is a more human, constructive and general interest alternative.
Like the current web technology, the solution must be free / opensource, decentralised and independent of any commercial structure!
This is what Meza proposes with its MetaWeb!

We must build it now! Without waiting!
After that it will be too late

All the technical elements, although disparate, are already available in free / opensource software, and decentralised. All that is missing is the implementation of one or two small bricks, which, with the means, are only a matter of 2 to 4 months of work!

In 6 to 9 months, with a simple computer, even a low-end one, the whole planet or almost the whole world could easily be immersed in #MetaWeb, with a base of content allowing progress in all areas.

This is the objective of the MetaWeb that we propose! It is almost available, but it needs all the support to finalise its release

How can we do it? It's simple:

You can sign up now, if you find our summary convincing!

You can also read our Tribune and especially our Roadmap .... for another future in MetaWeb / 3D

You will find there all the ins and outs to cut the grass under the foot of the very possible "worst to come"! At the end of the Tribune, a link will allow you to come back to this petition in order to bring your support.

This support is essential to

  • decision-makers in all fields, private and public
  • some digital actors
  • the media

It is only with the strong support of the greatest number that they will finally take the trouble to listen, support and participate without further delay!

Only with them, we will finally be able to put the first foundations in place! With these foundations, everyone will then be able to participate in building together another future in MetaWeb.

This MetaWeb needs specialists. It also needs ordinary people from 7 to 77 years old, to participate in the development of contents and uses.

By signing up, you can also be the first to know about our progress. You will also be the first to know about the release of our MetaWeb, and you can be the first to know!

Don't forget that :

  • "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them do nothing". -From Machiavelli to Albert Einstein and many others
  • "Utopia does not mean the unattainable but the unrealized. Yesterday's utopia can become reality" - Theodore. Monod

You don't want GAFAMST(, etc) anymore!
You want an independent, universal digital future, etc!
Do you want Europe to come together better?

Then don't hesitate!

Sign it! Get people to sign.

Thank you for humanity and the planet.

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We will add names of personalities as soon as they have signed themselves

Why is this important?

If it is important to fight against GAFAMST

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is that, faced with Zuckerberg's Meta, we must mobilise without delay to launch a universal, open and decentralised MetaWeb, which is the only possible alternative.

Europe is certainly the best place on the planet to bring it to life! It is also the place where Europe can demonstrate that it is still capable of innovation!

This MetaWeb is also the best way to bring together a Europe that does not know itself well, is not yet united enough, and needs such tools to do so!

So please sign to bypass Zuckerberg, but above all to support the alternative of a Free to Decentralized 3D MetaWeb

Sign, relay also for Europe, and change the world, differently !

"Change the world, by building alternatives in a different way!

Do not hesitate to contact us to participate in building 

We also need funding, especially in the form of donations/optimised sponsorship of skills, or means

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