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We call on you to support new clear and robust legislation that requires companies operating in the EU to carry out due diligence along their supply chains - ensuring they identify, prevent, and address human rights, environmental, and corruption risks and impacts. We call for an ambitious law that enables victims of corporate abuse to access justice and hold companies liable in the countries that these companies operate.

Why is this important?

From farmers in Guatemala who want their stolen land back from the palm oil industry, to inhabitants of Zwijdrecht, Belgium demanding that the chemical company 3M cleans up the poisoned earth they discarded in their neighbourhood. [1] Despite resisting, these people have to climb a steep mountain to be heard in the face of big business. [2]

But right now, a new law to hold multinationals to account is moving through the EU. It's a chance to create radical new rules, which could make it far easier for people and local communities to hold multinationals to account for their destructive actions. This new EU law could put power back in the hands of the people when facing multinationals. [3]

But corporate lobbyists are doing everything they can to try to water down these rules, and the European Commission is letting them! The new rules the Commission proposed earlier this month are so limited and filled with loopholes that they would only apply to a small number of multinationals and will mean little to the communities like those in Guatemala and Belgium trying to protect their environment and livelihoods. [4]

Thankfully, now it is the turn of the European Parliament and governments to take the process forward. We already know that the Parliament and some of our governments support more ambitious rules to stop corporate impunity. [5] Together, we can make sure they know we're watching and calling on them to not compromise on people or the planet.


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  2. Right now affected communities and individuals have to take a company to court in the country where its head office is located - usually in Europe. Which means that only those with NGOs backing them and paying all the fees can take multinationals to court.
  3. This new EU law could allow people and local communities to sue multinationals in any country they are operating in throughout their supply chain.
  4. https://www.annacavazzini.eu/wp-content/uploads/Analysis-of-EU-due-diligence-proposal_23-Feb.pdf
  5. https://www.business-humanrights.org/en/latest-news/german-due-diligence-law/

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