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To European governments, parliaments and EU institutions, Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission; Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy; European Parliament President David Sassoli; Cristian Bușoi, Chair of ITRE Committee

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To avoid climate catastrophe we call on you to

  • Exclude fossil fuel projects from EU priority status. The revised EU infrastructure law must exclude support & tax money for all fossil gas projects.
  • This includes projects supporting fossil gas through the back-door, i.e. fossil based hydrogen and “decarbonized” or “low carbon” gas which is made from fossil gas.
  • We demand a new energy infrastructure law without the fossil gas industry influence on it- it has to be free from conflict of interest.

Why is this important?

We have a golden opportunity to stop billions of Euros flowing into fossil gas projects at once. The European commission has just said fossil gas could be excluded from major European funding. [1]

This is huge. But it won’t be enough. We still need to move the European parliament to back the move.

And time is running out - in just 3 weeks the EU Parliament’s energy committee will fix their position on funding fossil gas projects. The decision will shape our energy supply for decades to come.

Fossil gas is a dangerous climate heating gas. It is not a transition fuel towards a cleaner future but a roadblock to real climate solutions.

But the gas lobby has too much power. It actually gets to help decide which projects get funding in Europe. We now have a unique opportunity to push them back. We know that some members of the European parliament are already on our side. But we need a majority in the committee to have a chance at stopping gas once and for all.

It’s time to tell our members of parliament to do the right thing and stop funding fossil gas. Will you join us kicking out fossil gas?


  1. The EU institutions are reviewing the energy infrastructure legislation (TEN-E) that defines so-called ‘projects of common interests’. These are large cross country electricity and gas projects. If we don’t exclude fossil gas from the list, billions will flow into pipelines and also LNG terminals that import fracked gas from the United States.

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