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Citizens from both shores of the Mediterranean, candidates for European elections and political forces

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On the eve of the European elections, we ask citizens from both shores of the Mediterranean to sign this petition urging candidates and political forces to support a new agenda toward integration between the European continent and the Mediterranean space.

Why is this important?

The Mediterranean means a community of around half a billion people, a unique cultural heritage, the home of over thirty languages, breath-taking
landscapes and an amazing biodiversity second only in importance to
rainforests, a globally recognised rural and food culture, extraordinary
energy sources, and – last but not least – fantastic human potential in
sciences, culture, economic development, spirituality, labour and creativity.

Today, we are de facto living a new global war, which plays cultures and
religious identities against each other; frustrates people’s struggles for
freedom and justice in the name of stability, growth and national interest;
pushes families to flee despair; creates borders between people and denies
the natural right of mobility; and places human beings and nature in
opposition. The hottest front line of this fabricated war runs through the
Mediterranean. This is why we have launched this call for a “Free and
United Mediterranean sharing a common destiny with Europe”, exactly in
the moment when nobody would bet on it.

When the two shores will finally meet and embrace, we are convinced that
their institutions, resources, intelligence, and human potential will provide
the solutions to save Europe from the temptation of disintegration and its
Mediterranean neighbours from the perils of authoritarianism and
chaos. This is the legacy Europe and the Mediterranean deserve today, so
that – together – they can step onto the world stage once more as a
beacon of enlightenment, humanism, hospitality, and progress.

The Petition has already been endorsed by over 70 key figures from the
worlds of culture, politics, science, and activism. Please follow this link to see the list of the first signatories and the various linguistic versions of the Appeal.

In partnership with:

- Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilization, Albania
- Tadamon-Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council, Egypt
- Efimerida ton Syntakton, Greece
- Progetto Mediterranea, Italy
- Department of Cultures, Politics and Society, University of Turin, Italy
- Mediterranean Democratic Institute for Development and Training, Morocco
- Greater Middle East Platform, Netherlands
- Centre for Comparative Conflict Studies, Serbia/Croatia
- European Institute of the Mediterranean, Spain
- Irenia- Jocs de Pau, Spain
- National Museums of World Culture, Sweden

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