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To the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

This petition is organised by Ann-Kristin Kröger.


Democracy needs press freedom. We are in solidarity with the daily newspaper Cumhuriyet and all press organs, which are obstructed in their work in Turkey or banned. We demand the release of journalists. We expect trials in accordance with the rule of law for all accused.

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Cumhuriyet is the Turkish word for Republic and also the name of a renowned liberal newspaper in Turkey. Cumhuriyet is a symbol of all press organs, which are driven into ruin under Erdoğan’s rule, had to close down or are threatened.

Why is this important?

After the failed coup the situation in Turkey worsens dramatically. Erdoğan is not only bullying oppositional politicians and parties [1], he is also openly turning against the media.

The Turkish judiciary has issued arrest warrants against nineteen staff members of the oppositional daily newspaper Cumhuriyet and imprisoned nine of them, including chief editor Murat Sabuncu [2]. Shortly thereafter the Turkish authorities decreed the shutdown of fifteen newspapers, which are predominantly pro-Kurdish [3].

From President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz to the OSCE, the German Journalists Association to Reporters Without Borders: everybody is strongly condemning the attack on the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet [4]. We don’t want to standby passively as Erdoğan is dismantling democracy even further.

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