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We, the people of Europe, are dismayed by how institutions in the UK (the parliament and the main political parties) continue to quarrel over whether the UK should turn its back on Europe. This is our personal message to the people in the UK: “We do not want to lose you as members of our European family! You belong to us, we belong to you!”
This is our personal message to the UK government: “Please shelve the debate over a hard versus a soft Brexit. Go for another referendum, or better still, call off the Brexit altogether! We, the people of Europe, do not see the UK as an outsider. For us, you are a cherished part of Europe!”

Ernst and Waltraud Löschner, Vienna

Our goals:

  • As many people as possible should support our appeal
  • UK citizens should know that we are in unity and solidarity with them
  • The UK government and parliament should at least allow a second referendum.

Why is this important?

The BREXIT is not good, neither for the United Kingdom nor for Europe. The economic consequences would be disastrous. It would divide society and threaten the European unity as well as the European peace project.

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