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The European Commission is working on the Green Deal and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. That's great.
They have launched a call for tender to select an advisor. But it was a branch of BlackRock that won despite the obvious conflict of interest:
BlackRock is the world's largest investment fund, with a significant portion invested in oil, gas and coal.
The American defender of fossil fuels will prepare Europe's climate future? It's the wolf that will guard the sheep!
Let's all sign up to get this contract cancelled! It is a trap!
We want :
The Commission is waiting for a strong message from the people of Europe to counter the tendering regulation, which they cannot do on their own.
Let’s all sign to keep alive the hope of limiting our greenhouse gas emissions.
Let’s all sign in order to convince the Members of the European Parliament not to let this lobbyist’s manipulation take place!

Why is this important?

Let's all sign so that we don't let these billionaires take full power during this pandemic, during these difficult times that are blocking us in 2020!
It’s important to support the European Green Deal,
It’s important to obtain the carbon neutrality in 2050,
It’s important to limit our emissions of greenhouse gas emissions,
It’s important to show the independence of the European Union,
It’s important to prepare a better planet for our grandchildren,
It’s important to control the power of lobbyists on the European Union,
It’s important to respect the memory of those who died from this pandemic,
It’s important to show that we, people, we have the last word in democracy.
Let's all sign with the NGOs* that are rallying around Agir Pour Le Climat-APLC and WECF. APLC has been leading for three years the movement for a European Treaty for Climate and Biodiversity, see www.pacte-climat.eu .
(*)The first NGOs to be involved are Agir pour le Climat, WECF, OXFAM, Citoyens pour le Climat...
For sources about these questions, you can consult :
or listen https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/082807-000-A/ces-financiers-qui-dirigent-l...

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