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To the German government, the European Council and the European Commission

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European leaders can still stop the dangerous fossil fuel pipeline. The construction of the  ‘Nord Stream 2’ pipeline has to be cancelled: it would heat the planet for decades to come. It is urgent time to end fossil fuels that are fueling climate breakdown.

We ask the German government, the European Council and the European Commission:

  • Cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline before it is complete. The pipeline would ship climate-heating fossil gas to Europe for decades to come. This undermines climate targets as well as our health and safety. 
  • We demand that investments flow into green and sustainable projects that help cities and communities in Europe to produce their own clean energy.
  • We don’t tolerate the human rights and indigenous rights abuses in Russia. We ask you to hold companies and trading partners accountable for these breaches.

Why is this important?


Germany has a last chance to stop climate disaster by cancelling the dangerous gas pipeline, before it is completed.

Only 150 kilometers are left to be built [1]. Once finished, it will be very hard to cancel and heat our planet for decades.

It is a project that was started in 1995, long before Europe declared a climate emergency and signed the Paris Agreement. The 'Nord Stream 2' pipeline will start pumping massive amounts of climate heating gas to be burnt in Germany.

We have known for years that the pipeline is a climate disaster. Natural gas can heat up the planet faster than burning coal [2]. And in times when we should be getting rid of fossil fuels, Germany is building a new pipeline.

But we have a last chance to cancel it! Members of the European Parliament called for an immediate halt of the pipeline. [3] France also spoke out against it. And a good example comes from across the Atlantic: president Joe Biden just canceled a controversial pipeline in the US to address the climate crisis.

The European Commission and Parliament can jointly pressure the German government into dropping the project. If we are numerous, we can convince them to do just that!



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