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Millions of Europeans with disabilities are deprived of their right to vote and participate in elections. We want them to have it by May 2019.

We call on the governments and electoral commissions of the EU Member States to ensure that 80 million Europeans are able to have their private vote!

Why is this important?

Next May, voters of Europe will be able to choose the next European Parliament.

All of them? No. Persons with disabilities are still left behind.

Thibault will not be given a vote because she is considered not able to understand politics.

Mindaugas will not be able to get in the voting station because it is not wheelchair accessible.

Olga will not be able use her vote because the information and process is too complicated.

Loredana cannot read the candidates on the electronic voting machine, so she will never know if she voted for her candidate.

Millions of Europeans won't be able to vote next May due to inaccessible elections.

That is wrong. They must have their say. There are easy solutions to fix it. Use them.

Solutions for immediate implementation:

The key issues of people with disabilities (Elections Manifesto): http://www.edf-feph.org/edf-manifesto-european-elections-2019

Guidelines for accessible election campaigns: http://www.edf-feph.org/how-make-your-political-campaign-accessible

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