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To the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker

This petition is organised by SUPPLY CHA!NGE.


In the EU we eat cookies, every day. These cookies currently contain the hidden ingredients of human rights abuses and environmental damage. As citizens, we refuse to support these exploitations any longer, and push for the EU to hold European businesses accountable for violations taking place throughout their whole supply chains. Currently, the methods used by companies to prevent injustice in their supply chains are voluntary and remain ineffective.

These abuses are happening right now, and the EU must act immediately. Therefore we call on the EU to:

  • Establish binding legislation against corporate abuses in the whole supply chain.
  • Support the initiative for a new binding United Nations Treaty on Business and Human Rights to regulate the operations of transnational corporations.
  • Ensure environmental justice in countries of production.
  • Why is this important?

    We looked into the international industries supplying Europe with cheap agricultural raw-materials from the global south. Sadly, there are massive economic imbalances in the supply chains. We have found flagrant violations of human rights and environmental deterioration in the supply chains of palm oil, cacao and sugar: all key ingredients in the cookies we consume every day. These abuses include child labor, land degradation, biodiversity loss, land rights, and women’s rights.

    The Palm oil supply chain is especially problematic. Indigenous peoples of South-East Asia are having their traditional land rights ignored by the companies that destroy their lands for the cultivation of palm oil. This palm oil is used to produce delicacies like the chocolate cookies sold by retailers in Europe.

    There is no more time left to wait! With this petition we push the European politicians to support the indigenous people in their fight for justice and sustainable livelihoods. Therefore, we need international binding frameworks that will help to make supply chains less damaging for people and the environment in the south.

    This campaign is run by the SUPPLY CHA!NGE and its members

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